First United Methodist Church in Troy, Ohio

As a small kid I spent a lot of time in this church. I explored almost all of it. There was always an area that I couldn’t get to however, the dome.
So recently I got the opportunity to explore the dome. I only had a small flashlight so the video and pictures taken are sometimes hard to make out.
I discovered a room that had been sealed off during some remodeling project and is now lost to time. The only access is from a small opening at ceiling level where you can look down into the room. There’s nothing in the room but coat hangers on one wall.
There’s also a hidden moving wall. It used to slide down to divide the sanctuary from the overflow room. The entire wall would slide up into the wall above it to make the room bigger then slide down into place to make the space into two rooms.
It’s been abandoned for many years. An accordion type door has replaced it. Most people know nothing about this massive hidden wall today. I found the top of the wall and the pulleys used to lower it into place. The rest of the wall remains hidden between the walls keeping it secret.
I love the opportunity to explore places like this and welcome the chance to do it again anytime.

Post time: Jan-24-2017
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